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Wood and Brass Cosmos Table Lamp

Wood and Brass Cosmos Table Lamp

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This wooden and brass table lamp is a unique and stunning design piece that evokes the beauty of the solar system. With its design that emulates the movement of various planets around the sun, this lamp is perfect for adding a touch of originality and sophistication to any space.

The combination of high-quality materials such as wood and brass, along with attention to detail in the design, makes this lamp a true work of art. The warm tone of the wood and the shine of the brass create an elegant and timeless appearance that adapts to any decorative style.

This table lamp is both a lighting piece and a decorative piece, with its impressive design that emulates planetary movement. Its soft and warm light creates a cozy and relaxing atmosphere, perfect for any time of day.

This design table lamp made of wood and brass is a beautiful decoration piece that adds elegance and originality to any space. With its unique design and soft and warm lighting, it is a piece that can be appreciated for both its beauty and functionality.

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Piece designed and handmade by:

Estéfano D. Pérez

Designer, craftman, artist.
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