Estéfano D. Pérez Alonso

Barcelona, 1988

Founder Estudio Luz Madera


Born in the late eighties in Barcelona, Estéfano D. Pérez grew up between the waters of the Costa Brava and the Andorran mountains, landscapes that would forge a very deep relationship with nature within him, and which would be reflected in his creation and work guidelines in the future.

With a natural facility for tool handling and the manufacture of anything he set his mind to, he studied mechanics, which he complemented with commerce studies while waiting to find his path. During his youth, he worked in various jobs until he became a salesperson in the lighting sector. He fell in love with this sector, which would lead him to start his own path years later, inspired also by a family legacy of entrepreneurs, designing and developing a first lamp which would become the flagship of his future design studio.

In 2019, he began to shape a small workshop and to combine his work as a salesperson for a multinational lighting company with small carpentry jobs, when he was offered the opportunity to join a program for artisan entrepreneurs by the Barcelona City Council. This opportunity would be the trigger that would lead him to start a new path and to fully embrace a vocation that he had always carried latent as a contemporary designer and artisan.

Influenced by the pursuit of health and contact with nature, he pays special attention to the design and development of his pieces so that they convey through their shapes and the use of non-harmful materials and finishes, the values that the natural environment offers us, seeking with them sensations of peace, tranquility, and harmony.

Today, he is the creative director of his design and manufacturing studio, Estudio Luz Madera, from which he hopes to establish himself as a reference for responsible design, and thus lead us through his pieces, spaces, and projects to a better life.