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Wooden Bird Nest Figure

Wooden Bird Nest Figure

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This wooden figure portrays a beautiful image of motherhood and life. The cluster of eggs that symbolizes the future hatchlings alongside the bird figure representing the mother creates a touching and meaningful image.

The figure is minimalist in style and has a strong artistic presence. The choice of wood as the material makes it a natural and warm piece that can add a decorative touch to any space.

Upon viewing this figure, one can reflect on the process of life and the importance of caring for and protecting the young. It is a figure that evokes feelings of love and connection with nature.

This wooden figure of a bird and its cluster of eggs is a work of art with a strong emotional significance. Its minimalist style and choice of wood as the material make it a unique piece that can add a touch of beauty and meaning to any space.

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Piece designed and handmade by:

Estéfano D. Pérez

Designer, craftman, artist.
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