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Estudio Luz Madera

Wooden sculpture "Nimbo"

Wooden sculpture "Nimbo"

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"Nimbo" is a wooden sculpture that is part of a series of works called "Peace Sculptures". This unique piece is carefully handcrafted with great attention to detail and worked in high-quality wood, giving it an elegant and sophisticated appearance.

Every curve and detail of "Nimbo" was crafted with dedication to reflect the natural beauty of the wood. The texture and warm color of the wood create a sense of authenticity that adds to the beauty of the piece.

When contemplating "Nimbo", you can experience a sense of peace and tranquility that connects you with nature and the harmony emanating from the sculpture. Its unique design and quality of the wood used can be a conversation starter in any space.

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Pieza diseñada y fabricada a mano por:

Estéfano D. Pérez

Diseñador, artesano, artista.

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