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Estudio Luz Madera

Wooden sculpture "Estrato"

Wooden sculpture "Estrato"

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"Estrato" is a beautiful wooden sculpture that is part of a series of sculptures called "peace sculptures".

Every detail of this wooden sculpture is carefully crafted to reflect the natural beauty and texture of the wood, giving it a warm and organic look that blends perfectly with any decorative environment. Additionally, its symbolic shape invites reflection and contemplation about the world around us.

The "Estrato" sculpture is a unique piece that can connect you with the essence of nature and the beauty that surrounds us, allowing you to experience a sense of connection and inner peace. This piece is not only a work of art, but also an opportunity to stop, breathe, and contemplate the value of harmony and serenity in our world.

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Pieza diseñada y fabricada a mano por:

Estéfano D. Pérez

Diseñador, artesano, artista.

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