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Wooden Vase with Flower Letters - Forest Time

Wooden Vase with Flower Letters - Forest Time

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These wooden vases are a unique and creative way to add a touch of nature and charm to any home or space. Each letter is made of high-quality wood and has been crafted with great attention to detail to create an elegant and minimalist design.

By joining these wooden letters, they form the phrase "Forest Time", evoking the feeling of being surrounded by the natural beauty of the forest. In addition to their decorative value, these vases can be used to display a variety of plants and flowers, allowing them to adapt to any style of decoration.

The simplicity of the design of these wooden letters blends perfectly into any environment, from modern to rustic. The wood used in their construction gives them a natural and organic finish, making them an ideal choice for those looking to add a touch of nature to their home.

These wooden vases with letters forming the phrase "Forest Time" are a unique and versatile decorative piece that can add a touch of natural charm to any home or space. With their natural beauty and minimalist design, they are a valuable addition to any home decor collection.

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Pieza diseñada y fabricada a mano por:

Estéfano D. Pérez

Diseñador, artesano, artista.

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